Day: 15/10/2014

04 “Arkham” (Gotham season 1) [SPOILERS]


Is it possible for Gotham — a Batman-prequel following Jim Gordon and a childhood Bruce Wayne — to simultaneously appeal to fans and non-fans of Batman?

I may be the wrong person to answer that, but I think that it certainly can. So far it has walked the line between the knowing nods which would excite fanboys and annoy the uninitiated, and solid character building. I have pointed out in previous reviews that I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to Batman-lore, but many of the Easter eggs I have gotten, and those which I haven’t have been signposted clearly enough that a quick Google brings me up to speed.

The reason for this little discourse is the title of this week’s episode of Gotham. “Arkham” will mean a lot to Batman fans. To those who are tuning in for a crime show, because CSI or Midsomer Murders or whatever (Are those the only crime shows you know? -Ed), will probably recognise the significance a little less.

Or maybe I’m being patronising. On with the show, then.

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Heresy of the Week – Not everything needs to be a “mega-franchise”

dracula untold

Heresy of the Week is a (mostly) weekly spot in which I entertain some of the unthinkable notions of geek-culture. The arguments I put forward are not always things I personally agree with, but often rhetorical devices designed to force myself (and maybe readers) out of the boxes which fan discussions can get caught in. But that aside, feel free to get yourselves worked up and your knickers in a twist if you really want to.

This week’s heresy:

“In a sea of stupid film studio ideas, Universal’s plan to build a franchise of monster movies, to ape Marvel’s success with a mega-franchise is the blue whale¬†of unnecessary idiocy.”

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