Day: 20/10/2014

Kipperwatch! U-splits in Essex UKIP


It’s a universal truth that all political parties are coalitions. The Labour Party, for example, is a coalition of old Labour traditional socialists to modernist “Blairite” factions and everything in between. The Conservatives have (a declining faction of) one-nation-type Tories, ideological Thatcherites, and further right almost-nationalist types.

The Liberal Democrats are still broadly divisible into the Liberals and the SDP, with a mix of those who joined when they were a left-of-Labour party, and have since pretty much melted away. And the Greens are an alliance between the middle-class, tree-hugging liberals of old, and old socialist elements floating around since Kinnock declared war on Militant Tendency.

But UKIP — UKIP have perfect the mongrel art of the political party. Farage is a sometime-Thatcherite, with a taste for the little Englander world-view, whilst UKIP’s first, and at time of print sole, MP is more of a classic liberal. And in elections in the north of England, they have been manoeuvring to be an Old Labour replacement.

So with such a varied composition, it can be no surprise that there are ideological¬†fault-lines¬†all over UKIP’s topography. And they seem to be coming to a particular head in South Essex.

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09 “Flatline” (Doctor Who series 8) [SPOILERS]

doctor who peter capaldi

The Doctor is in!

Okay, so I don’t want to be premature, but I have to say that the last few episodes have seen a bit of a good streak from the classic BBC science-fiction series.

Peter Capaldi has brought a much-needed change of tone to the series, which admittedly has taken a little while to find secure footing, but now that it has we seem to have ended up with a more serious, darker Doctor. I have seen some complaint that it isn’t really aimed at children any more. With which I disagree.

It is darker, true. But children can handle that. This is the sort of thing that I would have lapped up as a kid, and indeed did, through watching some of the incredibly dark classic episodes. We need to approach children’s entertainment like this, trusting them to find their own way.

So with my colours nailed to the mast, let’s hope this week’s episode doesn’t disappoint.

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