Day: 01/11/2014

And about time, too – replacing the House of Lords with a Senate

house of lords chamber

I’ve been looking over Ed Miliband’s proposals to replace the House of Lords with a Senate, and I have to say: I’m pretty impressed.

Lords reform is one of the great pieces of unfinished business left behind by the last Labour government. We’ve been stuck with the halfway-house solution of 92 hereditary peers and an ever-growing number of life peers since 1999, and it doesn’t really fit. Successive Prime Ministers have added to its bloated membership (none more quickly than David Cameron), and it is high time that someone dealt with this undemocratic blight on our constitution.

So yes, I do rather welcome a firm commitment from Ed that a Labour government would take such action.

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04 “Edward Mordrake (Part Two)” (American Horror Story: Freak Show) [SPOILERS]

ahs freakshow

Ah, Halloween traditions. Pumpkins, children begging for sweets, “sexy” just-about-everything costumes. Oh, and American Horror Story two-part episodes.

Or, here at least, the concluding part of said two-part episode.

Last week, my main criticism of the first part was that it left an incomplete story, without even the limited closure attached to a complete episode. Which is pretty petty complain, considering otherwise it was bloody good episode.

So it follows that, if “Edward Mordrake (Part Two)” can, as a creepy whispering half-face to last week’s offering, round things off in same way then we’re onto a winner.

Of course, this is American Horror Story, so it’s never quite as simple as that. But we remain optimists, don’t we? Don’t we?

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