Day: 04/11/2014

Stupid boy!

james cottis and nigel farage

If you are a failed Rochford district councillor, making a chicken-run to stand in a local council ward in Southend, you’d think you might be grateful enough to the neighbouring branch of your party to cause them as few problems as possible, right?


Not in the case of Conservative candidate for St Luke’s ward, James Cottis, who put the above “selfie” taken with Nigel Farage on his Facebook page. Normally, in such a situation, I would ask if said Conservative politician was intending to defect to UKIP, but I just don’t think that’s likely in this case.

Rather, I suspect, Mr Cottis has just not thought through how damaging it looks to his party, the above mentioned rumours it will inevitably breed, and UKIP’s woefully backwards views on gay rights.

As Capt. Mainwaring might well say: “Stupid boy!”

(Unforgivably, I forgot to mention that this picture, and the story, was Julian Ware-Lane’s initially, and all credit is due to him)

Horns – A Review


I read Joe Hill’s novel “Horns” when it first came out — purely on the basis of having read his chillingly fantastic debut “Heart-Shaped Box” — and despite it not being precisely what I had expected, I loved it. I went in expecting another horror story, and got…well, I’m not sure exactly. But it was a brilliant novel.

I’ve already put on record that I think that Daniel Radcliffe is indeed capable of carrying the leading role, but I do worry that the very unplaceable genre of the film might cause it problems. Its release, in the run up to Halloween, will have only reinforced in the minds of audiences that it is a horror film, whereas if they have adapted it anything true to form, it really isn’t.

From my perspective, there is always a danger of going into a film having read the book it is based on/adapted from. Can I separate the one from t’other, or will I only be able to judge it based on how well it visualises my own imagining of the novel? Let’s find out.

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