Day: 06/11/2014

Pots and Kettles – Who exactly are “SKIPP”?


One of the many fascinating things about Southend is surely the discovery, in 2003, of a Saxon tomb nearby Prittlewell Priory, in the north of the borough. The body within is believed to be one of the Saxon kings of Essex, and he has his own pressure group.

They call themselves SKIPP (Saxon King in Priory Park), and though they initially started as a campaign group to get a museum built on the site of the tomb, they nowadays lobby on a whole plethora¬†of issues. One of which is the Independent Party Group’s pet policy, replacing the council’s cabinet system with the older committee system.

So understandably they were a bit miffed at the decision of the Council the other week to retain the cabinet system. And for some reason, they aimed their displeasure at the Labour councillor for Milton ward, Julian Ware-Lane.

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