Day: 10/11/2014

12 “Death in Heaven” (Doctor Who series 8) [SPOILERS]

doctor who peter capaldi

Somehow the final episode of Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor is upon us. Already.

It got off to a shaky start, I’ll admit, but I do think it has grown into the new leading man. As a complete break from the previous styles, it was going to take a while for the writing to adjust to a new, brusquer Doctor.

It has, though. Grown into it. There have been some truly outstanding episodes this season, and it has managed to give Clara’s stunted character development some life. Not to mention that the Doctor’s new grumpy seriousness hasn’t, as some suspected it would, robbed the series of its light-hearted fantastical edge.

But it all comes down to this. If the last episode is a dud, then it could well destroy much of what has been built. The set up last episode was good, but then it always is. I am not, though, typically a fan of series resolutions with Doctor Who. But with a different Doctor, maybe we’re in for something new?

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If UKIP’s leader won’t vote for Floyd Waterworth, why should anyone?

floyd waterworth shrug

When Cllr Floyd Waterworth (Blenheim Park) was selected as UKIP parliamentary candidate for Rochford & Southend East, it was to widespread surprise.

Partly because he was an invisible presence locally, unknown to even the local political anoraks, elected in his ward primarily due to low turnout, high UKIP presence in the media, and the European Parliament elections being an issue catalyst for his voters.

It was also because the candidate-presumptive had been Cllr James Moyies (West Shoebury), UKIP group leader and the person who probably deserves the most credit — after Nigel Farage, of course — for UKIP’s breakthrough.

I have no real idea why Moyies lost out to Waterworth (though I have my suspicions), but it does seem that there is some bad blood between the two. Conservative councillor James Courtenay (Blenheim Park) has today blogged that, James Moyies told him, “I won’t be voting for him [Floyd Waterworth] in the general election.”

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