Day: 12/11/2014

08 “The Mask” (Gotham season 1) [SPOILERS]


Last week’s episode of Gotham, viewers or readers of my reviews, went all bang-bang shouty crackers. And it was glorious.

The problem now, though, is dealing with the aftermath. The typical (Disappointing -Ed) option would be to carry on without acknowledging that anything even happened. The show suffers collective amnesia, and no one references anything which went down. I’d certainly hope Gotham wouldn’t attempt that; this series has thusfar been based on a running, gradually developing story arc.

But more than that, it would do the bravery in the writers for the last episode a huge disservice, by basically nullifying it completely.

My apologies to those studiously avoiding spoilers, who have read that detail-less non-specific waffle. But then, if you’re not going to read the rest of the review, why read the lead-in?

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Kipperwatch! Southend UKIP errupt into full-blown civil war

UKIP ides of march


For a party new on the scene — they had no presence at all in the chamber until May — UKIP in Southend have certainly taken to factionalism quickly. Since James Moyies announced that he wouldn’t vote for UKIP parliamentary candidate Floyd Waterworth at the general election, the whole local party seems to have come crashing down on itself.

Regardless of his reasons, a senior party figure announcing they won’t vote for their party’s candidate is tantamount to a knife in the back.

When the revelations broke on Sunday (with thanks to Cllr James Courtenay), it was staggering enough. But since then James Moyes has been sacked (or resigned) as chair of the local branch, and the whole thing featured in a whole-page spread in the local paper.

I have been saying for months that UKIP are a disorganised rabble, without the nous to organise a drinking party in a brewing establishment, let alone provide responsible, effective representation in the council chamber. I submit this spectacular and public display of the wheels falling off the UKIP bus as exhibit 1.

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