Kipperwatch! UKIP thugs trash Labour street stall in Corringham

corringham labour street stall trashed
The image above shows the state of a Labour-run NHS street stall in Corringham, run today by Labour candidate for South Basildon & East Thurrock Mike Le Surf, after a group of thugs identifying themselves as from UKIP attacked it.

The group apparently came out of nowhere, shouted insults, trashed the stall, and disgracefully kicked an elderly woman on a mobility scooter. Interestingly, they were reportedly recording the whole thing; a classic BNP tactic from their heyday.

I have always thought that the Kippers who claim that they exclude far-right BNP/National Front/etc elements protest too much. Certainly there should be no place in modern politics for this sort of base, violent intimidation and thuggery.

Today South Basildon & East Thurrock UKIP have utterly disgraced themselves, and given voters another reason to steer well clear.

UPDATE: The chairman of Eastern Region UKIP has apparently disavowed this, and claimed that he:

…cannot believe they were representing UKIP, we do not promote this kind of attitude.

I am 100 per cent sure it has nothing to do with our party members – who have had very good discipline through very tough circumstances themselves.

100% sure is a bold claim. For myself, I can’t see how anyone can be certain of this. It seems unlikely that it’s a frame job, as some kippers seem to want it to be, and I struggle with the idea that this is not connected to UKIP in some way. I just don’t see who would try to frame UKIP, and why.


      1. When the BNP started losing they started blaming it on setups, conspiracies and electoral fraud. I wonder if ukip will go that way as well once they start receding?


  1. By shouting UKIP is hardly concrete evidence that they represent UKIP. More misleading labour comments.
    Apart from putting blame onto political opponents this was a terrible act and I hope these people are caught and punished accordingly


    1. If people identify themselves as UKIP, I don’t generally make the point of assuming that they’re something else. If South Basildon & East Thurrock UKIP want to disavow this, and publicly state that nobody involved was connected to UKIP, then fine. But until then, I’m not going to act like it was a conspiracy just because it makes UKIP look bad.


        1. Updated accordingly. But his disavowal does appear a little superficial. Is he really claiming that nobody in UKIP would ever possibly do anything like this?

          It sounds like a denial without actually looking into it. To me, at least.


          1. I agree that a ‘frame’ is unlikely but I like more opinion based on fact rather than speculation. Using the title “UKIP thugs” without evidence is expected from labour I suppose


  2. Do you have any proof that the individuals concerned are in any way affiliated with UKIP? For instance, they could have been from say, the BNP (which you have pointed out, do this sort of thing) in order to set UKIP up in the process. It doesn’t matter what these thugs claimed to be, unless you can actually prove the link between them and UKIP, this claim of yours is baseless.


    1. Thing is, what would be the endgame of the BNP setting up UKIP? Who is, looking at this, going to be saying, “Those UKIP people are violent thugs! I’m not voting for them! I’m giving my vote to those lovely BNP folks!”


  3. UKIP in South Basildon and East Thurrock have every opportunity to apologise for the behaviour of their supporters, and to unreservedly condemn this sort of action. I am sure Matthew would allow their spokesperson to comment here.


  4. Let’s get the UKIP candidate to apologise. Who is that again? Oh, Yeah…

    When was the last time a group of thugs seriously claimed to be from the Labour party? The fact this is believable should worry the UKIP bosses. Let’s hope that video pops up online, keep a lookout.


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