Day: 17/11/2014

Edge of Tomorrow – A Review

edge of tomorrow

I’m not much of a fan when it comes to Tom Cruise. It’s not just the Scientology, but for a long while he has been doing the sort of mindless glossy action films which don’t much appeal to me. So my expectations for another Tom Cruise SF action film weren’t actually that high.

It was, though, sold to me as a cross between two films that I love: Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers. The latter I’ve always liked as a send-up of over-the-top military SF — and, indeed, of its own source material. Groundhog Day is just a simple idea, effectively executed.

So can Edge of Tomorrow change my mind on Tom Cruise films?

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Kipperwatch! Where was the other absentee Southend UKIP councillor?

lawrence davies ukip

In all the excitement of a kipper-on-kipper conflict in Southend, it’s easy to overlook that Southend UKIP’s answer to Robert E. Lee, parliamentary candidate Floyd Waterworth, wasn’t the only UKIP councillor to miss a key vote at the recent council meeting.

The change from cabinet to committee system, a UKIP local election pledge, was lost by two votes. And missing were UKIP’s Cllr Waterworth, and councillor for Kursaal ward Lawrence Davies.

Lord knows what Waterworth’s reason for missing the meeting was — though judging from his letters in the Echo, he seems to have no problem breaking promises to voters — but I do have some idea of where Davies was.

I am always loathe to rely solely on rumour, but I do not rule out reporting it especially when I hear the same thing from different sources. Here, my little birds tell me that Cllr Davies was unable to attend the full council meeting and honour his election promises because…he was on holiday.

I wonder if Kursaal residents feel particularly well-served by a UKIP councillor who can’t even attend meetings to represent them?