Day: 18/11/2014

Rochford & Southend East has the worst fuel poverty in Essex

burning money

Being a bit of a stats nerd, I generally find myself immured to shocking revelations from statistics. Occasionally, though, when numbers are bound up with a strong human or social element, I do find myself astounded and even horrified.

A few months back, for example, when I ran the numbers on police cuts in Essex and discovered the dizzying numbers of officers, PCSOs and backroom staff which had been lost to budget cuts.

This dwarfs that, though.

With thanks to Julian Ware-Lane for crunching the numbers, Rochford & Southend East (the constituency in which I live) is ranked worst in the whole of Essex for fuel poverty.

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Garston’s Alive!

jonathan garston leaflet

Having been knocking on quite a number of doors in Milton ward, Southend, over the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of people recognise Labour Councillors Julian Ware-Lane and Cheryl Nevin. Indeed, there seems hardly a person who doesn’t know Julian.

Very few, though, seem to have seen or heard from Cllr Jonathan Garston.

As the last Tory left in Milton, Jonathan is something of an endangered species. Indeed, most of the time you wouldn’t know he was there. He has reappeared, now, with a decidedly glossy leaflet. At least it isn’t motivated by an election he has to fight being six months away.


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