Day: 28/11/2014

Nonsense and nothing to say, from Mark Flewitt


I feel like I owe Cllr Garston an apology for the slating I gave his leaflet last week. It’s not that what I said was untrue — it wasn’t; the leaflet was pretty terrible — but that a week later he has been outdone by one of his party colleagues.

Yes, Cllr Mark Flewitt has put out a new leaflet, and like his blog it lurches from subject to subject without making a great deal of sense along the way.

Was he drunk? Has he gone mad? Is he a UKIP plant? Has he, perhaps, been hacked and this is a heinous act of sabotage? Or does he perhaps actually believe that this is actually a good example of a local politician’s leaflet?

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Are the Southend Independents now in turmoil too?

anne chalk

Whilst everyone — myself included — have been focused on the extraordinary implosion of UKIP in Southend, the Independent Party Group on the council have quietly been undergoing their own woes.

It’s easy to forget that the switch from cabinet to committee system was the pet issue of the Indies as well/before UKIP. And yet they scarcely did any better when the vote came up at the last council meeting. The Independent councillors in the cabinet either voted for it or abstained (Turkeys? Christmas? -Ed).

And now, the already loose alliance of cliques seems to be fracturing itself.

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