About THAT teaser trailer…

star wars vii millennium falcon

So like almost everyone else, I forgot until early yesterday afternoon all about the release of the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, before watching it in a state of breathless, childlike anticipation.

It’s remarkable that even the most cynical-hearted husk of a person was reduced to nostalgic joy at the actual trailer. Not bad for 88 seconds.

If you’re the one person who hasn’t managed to see the trailer yet, then here you are you lucky folks:

My first thoughts, I’ll admit were sceptical. Well, my first thoughts were tense anticipation, but that’s the lingering seconds of darkness before it opens up.

It has the feel of Star Wars, I’ll give it that, but whilst part of me squee-ed at the reveal of the first lightsaber since Revenge of the Sith, a couple of things occur. Firstly, it looks very flickery. Io9 reckon this means shoddy workmanship from the shadowy character, but having seen what JJ Abrams did to phasers in Star Trek, part of me is wondering whether this is his redesign.

The other point, of course, is the cross-guard. So, it’s not a terribly good idea, is it? It blocks another lightsaber, and it will channel it down to the blade where it promptly destroys the weapon anyway. There is actually a way out of this little mess, which is for the handle to be┬ámade out of Cortosis, a metal from the Star Wars expanded universe which could short out lightsabers. Unfortunately, Disney nixed the entire of the expanded universe when they bought LucasArts. So maybe it isn’t made of Cortosis.

But all of that doubt, all of those worries, melted away to the strains of John Williams’ (new, apparently) score, and the appearance of the Millennium Falcon.

It might yet all go a bit Phantom Menace, but for now… Yeah, I’m on board with this.


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