Kipperwatch! Moyies is back! Is the Southend UKIP civil war over?

UKIP ides of march

An interesting story in this morning’s Southend Echo caught my eye. Apparently James Moyies, councillor for West Shoebury ward and leader of the Kippers on Southend Borough Council, is a UKIP member again.

Followers of the seemingly endless train of odd stories coming out of Southend UKIP will recall that his party membership was suspended for six months due to his statement that he wouldn’t vote for fellow Cllr Floyd Waterworth, who beat him to the parliamentary selection for Rochford & Southend East, at next year’s general election.

So is the civil war over? Well, perhaps not…

Moyies’ actual statement on the matter runs as follows:

The party accepts that my version of recent events is correct. It has accepted that I have not lied, cheated or broken any rules, and am working hard for the residents of Southend in the various positions I hold.

He doesn’t, to me, appear to have recanted a thing. And from speaking to Cllr Moyies, as far as I am aware he still doesn’t intend to vote for Cllr Waterworth. I think that it speaks volumes about a candidate if their party colleagues cannot even bring themselves to support them.

Indeed, Cllr Moyies has suggested to me that there is more to come out about the whole parliamentary selection debacle.

There are two things, principally, that I note about this article. First, the only quotations from Cllr Waterworth are from older Echo articles on the civil war. Nothing new to see here, apparently, though he was all over Roger Weaver’s defection the other day.

Secondly, Moyies’ closing comment:

I have no time for councillors who take their allowance, but do not attend meetings and contribute nothing to the town.

I will be introducing a motion in the near future asking for all councillors’ attendance to be recorded and published, so the public can remove those who are lazy.

Lazy councillors? Who “do not attend meetings and contribute nothing to the town“? Whoever could he mean?

I doubt that the bad blood between the two men has gone away. Perhaps the whole thing has simmered down a little and the two of them, having come to their senses, have decided that publicly slinging mud at each other is not the most edifying of activities. I am not convinced this new entente cordiale will last all that long though.

And in the meantime, it is December and as a Rochford & Southend East voter I have seen neither canvasser nor leaflet through my door from UKIP .

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