Judith McMahon for Kursaal

judith mcmahon kursaal
Members of the Labour Party in Southend have re-selected Judith to contest Kursaal ward in the May 2015 local elections.

Judith has represented Kursaal since 2011, and before that had served a nine year stint as councillor for the ward. In that time she has stood up resolutely for the interests of her residents, focusing on making a difference locally.

Judith said,

Residents in Kursaal ward have more reason than most to need Councillors who get on with the job. My aim is to serve according to the values of the Labour Party and to stand up for residents against crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.”

In May of this year the Kursaal local election was won by UKIP’s Lawrence Davies, surprising everyone. Including, one suspects, himself. His performance in the role has been a catalogue of reasons not to vote for UKIP. My favourites include:

Kursaal is one of the most deprived areas of Southend, and desperately needs strong representation in the council chamber. UKIP are not the answer; they have proved that in a remarkably short period of time. In 2015, Kursaal ward needs Labour policy and representation; Kursaal ward needs Judith McMahon.

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