Kipperwatch! Where is the Commissar for West Shoebury?

kipperwatch local

In sixth form, as part of my History course, we studied Tsarist and Soviet Russia. My lecturer, a fantastic teacher by the name of Robin Milne, told a story about a visit he made to Moscow still under communism.

Looking round a museum, he spied a Russian Revolution era photo, with something missing. “Where is the Commissar for war?” he asked one of the tour guides, before watching the poor woman squirm.

The Commissar for War during the revolution was, of course, Leon Trotsky. This is the same Trotsky who was airbrushed out of Soviet history after he fell foul of Josef Stalin.

In other news, Southend & Rochford Branch UKIP have a new website.

I welcome the local kippers wholeheartedly to the internet and to the 21st Century. Southend Labour’s online presence may not be the best, but it has consistently been there and bolstered by the online literacy of our activists.

The first thing that I noticed about the shiny new Kippper site, was the big link on the banner to a “People” page. It’s a bit sparsely populated though.

ukip southend website - people

Floyd Waterworth, parliamentary candidate for Rochford & Southend East, is there. As is his counterpart in Southend West, Brian Otridge (No, I’m not sure either -Ed). But there does seem to be somebody missing.

I’m sure UKIP won a handful of council seats in May. And I’m sure they have a group leader on Southend Borough Council. In fact, if my memory doesn’t fail me, I think he may one of the councillors for West Shoebury ward, by the name of James Moyies.

The same James Moyies who lost to Floyd Waterworth in the selection battle for the Rochford & Southend East candidacy. The same James Moyies who caused an almighty furore when he said that he wouldn’t be voting for Floyd Waterworth. The same James Moyies who has been one half of the Southend UKIP civil war.

Where, I wonder, is the Commissar for West Shoebury?

Mr Otridge brushed this off when I asked, claiming that:

Perhaps. It does seem odd, though, given that Cllr Moyies is one of their most recognisable local faces and Cllr Waterworth is, to be blunt, not. Perhaps James should be keeping an eye out for strange men with icepicks…

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