NHS crisis comes to Southend

david cameron nhs cut

Well, I hate to say we told you so…

The Southend Echo were yesterday evening reporting that Southend Hospital has run out of beds, entering the ominously named “black alert”. Whilst I don’t wish to be alarmist, and it does seem that non-emergency services are functioning to take some of the strain. But this is still terrible news for Southend.

SOUTHEND Hospital has run out of beds for new admissions after going into “black alert”.

Due to a higher than usual number of acutely ill patients requiring a hospital bed, the hospital is urging people to stay away from A&E unless they are seriously unwell or critically injured.

This is the result of an underfunded NHS. David Cameron promised he would protect NHS funding; in real terms, the health service has seen a funding cut under his government.

At the last Prime Minister’s Questions, David Cameron told the House of Commons:

The NHS is performing well because we have put the money in and made the reforms.

Well it self-evidently isn’t performing well.

If you want to protect your NHS, your health services, and your hospital, then you need to kick out the Tories whose broken promises and privatisation agenda have brought us to the gates of crisis. Labour are the party which created the NHS, and the only party which will guarantee to protect it.

On 7th May, you can help repair the damage done by the Conservatives to the NHS. And the first step, is to place a cross on the ballot paper next to the name of your Labour candidate.


  1. Julian as much as I wish it was true I’m afraid Labour will not guarantee to protect the NHS. The second reading of the Efford Bill in Parliament on 21 November shows this. The wording of the Health & Social Care Act 2012 Secretary of State’s duty from “provide” to “promote” a national health service displays how the NHS is now a commodity not a public service. The only way the NHS can remaon a truly public service again is if it is the only national health provider.


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