Southend West MP David Amess to be knighted for services to comedy

david amess

Congratulations, apparently, are due to David Amess, MP for Southend West, who is being awarded a knighthood in the New Years Honours.

No, it’s real. I’ve checked. The question is for what is this honour being bestowed? David has many excellent moments to choose from, both in his time representing Southend West, and before his 1997 chicken run when he was Basildon MP.

I personally am a big fan of the way that he hid in a hairdressers when the Southend Echo tried to talk to him about his expenses.

But the standout moment of his political comedy career has to be his involvement in the Brass Eye drugs special, in which Amess was tricked into fronting a campaign against fictional Czechoslovakian drug “cake” (Amess at 2:18)

To be fair, many other celebrities were fooled into taking part, and it was pretty damn funny. Sadly, David was the only one who asked a question in the House of Commons about a made up drug.

david amess cake question


Or perhaps a knighthood was the price paid by CCHQ to stop a known Eurosceptic and right-wing backbencher from crossing the floor? But surely David Cameron couldn’t have bunged David Amess a knighthood to stop him from defecting to UKIP, could he? I mean, that’s just absurd. Isn’t it?

Arise Sir David…

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