Southend Liberal Democrats have remembered there’s an election on…

paul collins

It looks like my friendly reminder last week helped: Southend Liberal Democrats seem to have remembered that there’s an election in May, and have selected Paul Collins as their candidate for Southend West — with only 109 days left until polling day…

Paul, some may remember, was a councillor for Westborough ward until last year, when he suffered a pretty heavy defeat to Labour’s Kevin Robinson. His was the name my little birds consistently brought back to me as the Lib Dem candidate-to-be — though, interestingly, Leigh councillor Carole Mulroney was also mentioned — and to be fair to him, he wasn’t a bad councillor. Certainly there was much on which I agreed with him during his time in the chamber.

But voters of Southend West would do well to look at Paul and his party’s rhetoric, and compare it to their propping up the Tories in government and voting for the bedroom tax; trebling tuition fees; slashing benefits for the disabled; and a host of other illiberal, unfair measures. They would do well to look at the Liberal Democrats’ record in government, and then go and vote for Labour’s Julian Ware-Lane, the real alternative to the Conservatives and David Amess in Southend West.


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