Day: 23/01/2015

13 “Curtain Call” (American Horror Story: Freak Show) [SPOILERS]

ahs freakshow

Somehow we’ve had twelve episodes of American Horror Story’s fourth season over the last few months. Which means this, the lucky thirteenth, is the last.

These series always feel far too short, ending just as I’m getting into them. That’s part of the magic I suppose, and in fitting with the circus-y theme, always leave the audience wanting more.

The story of these freaks has been, to my mind, magnificiently woven and has taken the AHS franchise to new places. Not every idea, as ever, has worked, but I would say that more have than in previous series.

Of course, the fear hanging heavy is that Jessica Lange won’t change her mind and return to the series for the next season. So if “Curtain Call” is really her own curtain call, then it had better be good.

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Where idealism meets reality: Brighton Green Party’s folly

brighton green eric pickles

I told myself, after last week, that I was going to leave the Greens alone for a bit. I also have a general policy of trying to avoid commenting on localities where I don’t have an personal interest.

I’m about to break both of those statements of intent, I’m afraid, because down in Brighton things are edging dramatically beyond the usual standards of crazy which govern things down there on the south coast.

The Green Party in Brighton & Hove have decided to forgo any attempt at rationality, and embrace fantasy. Which would be all well and good were they not responsible for the local government managing the lives of 275,000 people.

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