Day: 02/02/2015

11 “A Whole World Out There” (Constantine season 1) [SPOILERS]

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I genuinely expected the preface for my review of the latest episode of Constantine to be a eulogy. But somehow, despite being on life-support, against all the odds, the patient is still alive. Indeed, there’s a petition which has been started to try and persuade NBC to relent and give the show the second series that it, on balance, (probably) deserves.

I’ve signed, of course. I’d sign purely to keep Matt Ryan in a job (in this job), as the most authentic Constantine I’ve ever seen.

At time of press said petition had 16,597, so still a fair way short of the 100,000 target. But fan campaigning saved Farscape, bringing it back for the triumphantly brilliant Peacekeeper Wars. Then Firefly fans jumped on the bandwagon and got Serenity made. And both of those shows had already been sent to the great studio in the sky.

So can fan activism save Constantine from the axe in the first place? I have to believe so…

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Southend Tories admit fortnightly waste collection scaremongering

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Back when it was first announced that Cory Environmental had not been short-listed for the new waste collection contract, senior Conservatives in Southend (the few of them who are left) unexpectedly went to bat for the private company.

It was a travesty! they cried. It would lead to the dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together!

Or, more specifically, that under the new provider waste would only be collected once every two weeks rather than weekly, as it is presently. This was the great bogeyman which, according to the blue corner, Southend had brought on itself by daring to vote for anyone but the Conservatives.

It’s not true, of course. There are no plans under the joint administration to change to a fortnightly schedule, nor have there ever been.

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