Slow hand-clapp for Yapp

southend green candidates

I notice that Julian Ware-Lane has blogged about the interesting tweet sent by the Green Party candidate for Rayleigh & Wickford, Sarah Yapp about flu death figures. In his blog, Julian references the tweet linking to a dead Facebook link, and says:

…I doubt it was a scaremongering entry, or something written without foundation in fact. Whatever it was I am never going to find out.

Clearly Julian doesn’t frequent Facebook in the bitter watches of the night, then. Fortunately, some of us do, and saw the post to which that referred…

Sarah Yapp gym morgue overflow

Just before anyone panics, I have seen absolutely no evidence to suggest that A&E at Southend Hospital has at any point closed, and the idea that a gymnasium — any gymnasium — could be used as an overspill morgue without anyone noticing is preposterous.

I’m presuming that Ms Yapp also has evidence of neither, judging by how rapidly she deleted it when challenged.

Ms Yapp is one of the three Green candidates in the region, and much more of an unknown than the other two, Fuller and Cross (not to be confused with Flanders and Swann). I gather she’s new to politics, and has the zeal of the convert. Which is not to be discouraged at all, but if I could offer a word of advice: the line between scaremongering and drawing attention to real failings is thin, but generally sits at the point of evidence.

The NHS is in a parlous state, I will grant. But the solution isn’t to waste your vote with the Greens, and let the Tories back in for another term. Save the NHS on May 7th; cast your vote for Labour.


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