Working hard for Blenheim Park: eighty eight days to go…

blenheim park leafleting

I get The Timesrather nifty Red Box daily email bulletin, which includes an ominous red number which ticks down towards zero. Today it stands at 88.

It is, of course, the number of days until the next elections. Both the general election, which will give the voters of the whole country a chance to kick out this dysfunctional, ineffective, out of touch coalition with whom we’ve been lumbered for almost five years. And for the voters of Blenheim Park, it’s a chance to kick evict on of the councillors who have served them so disinterestedly.

The mornings have been cold recently, though leafleting does warm the body, as well as the soul. I reckon that most of Blenheim has now seen some form of leaflet from the Labour Party, and our latest leaflet is bit by bit making its way out. Already residents are responding to it.

Blenheim Park working here Jan 2015


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