Day: 09/02/2015

12 “Angels and Ministers of Grace” (Constantine season 1) [SPOILERS]

constantine title

This is the second to last episode of Constantine‘s first and, as it stands, only season. There’s no news yet, that I’ve seen — at least not official news. The rumour mill has been in overdrive. Some are saying that it’s been cancelled, which is not surprising, but not yet verified.

One of the more interesting rumours is a potential move to SyFy, and a rebranding as “Hellblazer”. Which, again, is unverified, but I’d happily take that as a solution.

I’m still not sure what will happen, but another network adopting it can’t surely be ruled out. I do think that NBC would be making a mistake to axe it prematurely though. Perhaps I should write to the BBC… They could return it to its proper, British setting.

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Lies, damn lies, and Southend Conservative Party posters

southend tory council tax poster corrected

The Conservative Party in Southend yesterday released their batch of local election posters. It’s pretty unadventurous stuff, to be honest, but I did like the rather brazen one about council tax. It takes some fairly impressive cheek to print something which, if not an outright lie, is certainly highly misleading.

I’ve written before about how the Conservatives in Southend have not yet recovered from the psychological shock of being rejected so emphatically by the people of the town in May last year. They have no new ideas to sell, so they cling desperately to the belief that the voters made a mistake, which they are bound to realise soon. Right? …right?

That, I think, is the mindset behind the “SOUTHEND’S COUNCIL TAX BOMBSHELL” poster. Luckily for the local Conservatives, I have “fixed” it for them, above. I’m generous like that.

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