Day: 13/02/2015

Tinker, Tailor, Litter Bin Spy

tinker tailor litter bin spy

I confess that, although I noticed Tony Cox’s tweet at gone 11 on Wednesday night, the significance didn’t dawn on me at the time.

It seemed unlikely for a number of reasons. Firstly, in my experience, local news rarely breaks so late at night in the middle of the week. Secondly, if it does it isn’t usually about litter bins. Thirdly, is this what the Conservative Party of Southend-on-Sea is reduced to?

But actually, there was a story here. You see, the information which Tony tweeted, was released in email to the borough councillors the next day. So how did the chairman of Rochford & Southend East Conservative Association get hold of it some 12 hours before the elected representatives of the voters of the town’s residents?

Who is the Tory mole in Southend Borough Council?


Essex responds to Farage’s UKIP campaign launch by voting Labour

nigel farage

Yesterday, Nigel Farage launched UKIP’s parliamentary campaign in Essex. Canvey, to be precise. It’s telling, perhaps, that he stayed away from the Kent seat he himself is trying to win (South Thanet).

But how did the people of Essex react to the purple-and-yellow messiah’s appearance on their own turf?

Well, in Harlow they reacted by electing a new Labour district councillor in a by-election to replace a UKIP councillor.

Nigel Farage visits Essex, and hours later he has lost a council seat to Labour. That looks to me like a very good omen.