Day: 16/02/2015

06 “A Sin to Err” (Agent Carter season 1) [SPOILERS]

agent carter

There’s something bothering me about Agent Carter. I think it’s the accents.

The story, the acting, even the soundtrack has — so far — been everything that I’d want from a Marvel series set in the 1940s. But the accents are winding me up something awful.

Two of the lead characters are British, and are played by British actors. And yet somehow their accents still feel like forced Hollywood stereotypes. It’s an established fact that as far as the Yanks are concerned the only British accents are posh and cockney, which is one reason both why Game of Thrones so revolutionary and why I dearly hope that Constantine is saved from oblivion.

Hayley Atwell and James Darcy do both seem to be forcing the posh-factor a little, and it has been suggested to me that it’s period-related rather than being Brits in a US show — a suggestion which would mean that regional accents only came into existence around the 1960s. Which, as a northern lad, I find condescending.

It’s a minor niggle, I guess, but it’s like watching it with the audio out of sync. I’ll try to review the show, rather than the accents…

Read on…(and mind the spoilers!)

“Is this the change you voted for?” ask Southend Tories. Actually, yes

the change you voted for FIXED

Another day, another Southend Conservative poster fixed by yours truly.

You can read the original over on the blog of Tony Cox, the local Tory chairman doing some admirable rearranging of deckchairs as his party sinks beneath him. It is, however, interesting that they seem to think that saving care homes and building sorely needed houses for the future is “wasteful spending”, though.

I somehow suspect that the people of Southend, who remember well the stagnation under 14 years of Tory rule, would disagree.