“Is this the change you voted for?” ask Southend Tories. Actually, yes

the change you voted for FIXED

Another day, another Southend Conservative poster fixed by yours truly.

You can read the original over on the blog of Tony Cox, the local Tory chairman doing some admirable rearranging of deckchairs as his party sinks beneath him. It is, however, interesting that they seem to think that saving care homes and building sorely needed houses for the future is “wasteful spending”, though.

I somehow suspect that the people of Southend, who remember well the stagnation under 14 years of Tory rule, would disagree.


One comment

  1. Hold on… was this the same local Tory party that racked up over 200 million pounds of debt, spent money on a controversial capital investment programme that was not asked for/required/cost efficient/fit for purpose and delivered the greatest series of ‘loaded’ consultations and contract tendering southend has ever seen. Good job on the poster.


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