Day: 17/02/2015

Blenheim Park in 2015 is a two-horse race: Labour or Conservative

two horse race

There are 79 days to go until the local elections in Southend-on-Sea, 79 days left for the candidates from the various parties to sell their pitches to the voters, and lay out their vision for the future of the town and the wards which it comprises.

The curious thing is, though there are only 11 weeks left, in Blenheim Park it is a two-horse race.


The only candidates so far declared are myself and sitting Conservative councillor James Courtenay. Other parties are giving every impression of not being bothered.

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13 “Waiting for the Man” (Constantine season 1) [SPOILERS]

constantine title

So this is it. Maybe.

The last episode of Constantine‘s first series has come and passed, and still no news on its future. And in this case, I suspect, no news is probably bad news.

As someone who has enjoyed the series, and who has a deep love for the source material, it pains me to think that this series hasn’t measured up. It hasn’t been bad, and has had a great many excellent features, but some of the competition it was up against was in a different league.

It may yet be that NBC decide to give it another chance. Or another network sees the potential and decides to take it off NBC’s hands. Or, this may be the only series we get to see.

Let’s hope, then, that its final hurrah is a good one.

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