Day: 19/02/2015

16 “The Blind Fortune Teller” (Gotham season 1) [SPOILERS]


There’s a problem with origin stories.

If you’re interpreting them, then you can either get it right or wrong. You can either make a good job of it or you can cock it up.

When you’re inventing an origin story, though, you’re risking something else. If you make a bad job of it, you’ll either lower your version of the character you’re originating, or you cheapen the character itself.

The reason I raise this is the claim that Gotham will give us a Joker origin story. Possibly in this very episode. Now, I’ve never yet met an origin story for Mr J that I actually liked, and part of the fun of the character is that he’s an enigma, a whirlwind of chaos without a past.

I’ve enjoyed Gotham a lot, but this…this might be a step too far…

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Sorry, but the Liberal Democrats are a spent force in Southend

two horse race

So, one day after I blog about how the Liberal Democrats don’t have a hope — or even a candidate — in Blenheim Park ward, the only local Lib Dem activist who has mastered the use of internet has blogged a witheringly sarcastic response.

You might think I’ve struck a nerve.

Once upon a time, you see, the Lib Dems were the repository of anti-Tory vote in Southend West. Then they found themselves in government, and those flexible principles which had allowed them to be all things to all people in opposition became a major turnoff to the electorate, who had voted for them thinking that they might actually stand by what they had said they believed in.

Now, there are only five Lib Dem councillors left in Southend, and rather than looking to grow that number they are desperately worried that the sole seat they have up for re-election this year might slip through their fingers.

And if I wasn’t sure of that before, then Neil Monnery’s jittery blog today has confirmed it to me.

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