Day: 20/02/2015

Dr Chris McGurk for Leigh

dr mcgurk for leigh

I am delighted to be able announce that the Labour Party in Leigh ward have selected Dr Chris McGurk as the party candidate for the local elections in May.

Chris, pictured above campaigning in Leigh with Labour activist Dr Zita Subasinghe, is someone who has impressed me with his passion, dedication and clear and articulate campaigning style. In this blogger’s view, the people of Leigh would be lucky to have him as their councillor after May, and I urge them to ditch the do-nothing local Liberal Democrats and vote for┬áhim.

Chris is also a doctor, working in the local area, and has an on-the-ground view of the National Health Service. In Southend, where out hospital is in black alert and A&E provision has been left overstretched by the top-down reorganisation which David Cameron promised he wouldn’t make, he offers a perspective and a detailed knowledge on a subject which matters to every voter, in Leigh and beyond.

Welcome to the campaign Chris!

07 “Snafu” (Agent Carter season 1) [SPOILERS]

agent carter

This seems like an odd admission to make in the preface to a review of its seventh episode, but I’m not really sure what Agent Carter is intended to be.

When I first started watching, I took it for a fun little action series to fill the gap between the two Captain America films. Since then, though, it has turned into a different beast entirely. Darker, more serious, more weighty in its place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I suppose that’s what Marvel do best. They’ve taken superhero films, typically the lowest common denominator, and woven them into a mega-franchise to match the complexity of its comics (Well, almost… -Ed)

Read on…(and mind the spoilers!)