Day: 22/02/2015

Tony Borton for Prittlewell

Labour in Milton

In the latest of my series of announcements, the Labour Party candidate for Prittlewell this year will be Tony Borton.

Tony is a good friend of mine, someone who has been out knocking on doors and putting leaflets through letterboxes with me on cold Sunday mornings more often than I expect either of us would care to admit. He’s a natural hard worker, and has excellent taste in cider. He is a Millwall fan, but I suppose we Liverpool supporters can’t be throwing stones in our position. Tony also lives in the ward.

Regular readers will know that until recently I lived in Victoria ward, where I was represented by Tony’s wife Margaret. I can honestly say that the voters of Prittlewell would be lucky and incredibly well-served to have their own Cllr Borton.