Day: 23/02/2015

Jess Philips for St Luke’s

Jess PhillipsCongratulations to Jess Phillips, who has been selected as the Labour Party candidate to fight St Luke’s ward in Southend at the local elections in May.

Jess is the Women’s Officer for Rochford & Southend East Labour Party, and I know she’d make a fantastic councillor — certainly better than the silent Independent Party Group trio who currently represent the ward.

In 2014, Labour’s Gray Sergeant came second in St Luke’s. I know Jess will see that gap as eminently closeable, and I look forward to a Labour gain in May.

06 “The Red Forest” (12 Monkeys season 1) [SPOILERS]

12 monkeys

Making time travel make sense in a narative, dramatic story is a real headache.

For one thing, to the best of my knowledge it doesn’t exist at the moment. So making it actually realistic involves some jumps of imagination. Then you have to make it serve the actual story you’re trying to tell, the narative developments you’re trying to push forward.

This is almost certainly why time travel stories inevitibly end up with internal contradictions. I’ve previously mentioned Robert Heinlein’s “All You Zombies” as my ideal time travel story, but it is a short story. As the story gets longer, more and more little niggles are going to work their way in.

It’s not necessarily a problem. A TV series, for instance, centred around time travel can be fun, exciting, entertaining, interesting, even if not being 100% internally consistent.

Doesn’t mean I won’t pick it apart, mind.

Read on…(and mind the spoiler!)