Jess Philips for St Luke’s

Jess PhillipsCongratulations to Jess Phillips, who has been selected as the Labour Party candidate to fight St Luke’s ward in Southend at the local elections in May.

Jess is the Women’s Officer for Rochford & Southend East Labour Party, and I know she’d make a fantastic councillor — certainly better than the silent Independent Party Group trio who currently represent the ward.

In 2014, Labour’s Gray Sergeant came second in St Luke’s. I know Jess will see that gap as eminently closeable, and I look forward to a Labour gain in May.



  1. Congratulations indeed Matt but to say our Independent councillors are silent is a trifle unfair! You astutely picked up on a piece I wrote about supposed inactivity but the point I made then and now is they be relatively silent in Council (although one attended endless committee meetings) but are active in the ward dealing with resident issues. I know; I live there and chair the residents association!


    1. Well, I will take that Paul Van Looy isn’t exactly quiet

      Cllr Endersby, though, I have yet to hear speak. Granted her election campaign was silent, so maybe she’s just fulfilling that, but it does appear as if she’s not there. Local community meetings are important, I agree with you there, but from time to time you need to actually speak at council meetings in order to speak up for your residents.

      Though maybe I’ll be wrong, and the three St Luke’s councillors will give the best budget speeches of the whole council on Thursday night. Who knows?


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