Day: 24/02/2015

Southend Tory candidate “too busy” for St Luke’s

james cottis and nigel farage

As Southend Labour announce their candidate for the ward of St Luke’s at the 2015 Southend local elections, the Tory candidate is standing down.

Is he ruining scared of Jess Phillips?

He claims not. According to James Cottis, he is too busy with personal projects to run an election campaign. Quite what he expected to be the result of becoming an election candidate would be, is not readily apparent.

Those who have been paying attention may recall that James isn’t a Southend resident. Rather, he lives in Rochford, where he sits on the parish council. Given that he’s not standing down from that, St Luke’s voters could be forgiven for reading this as a declaration of his priorities; James Cottis is just too busy with Rochford to bother about St Luke’s.

No official word as to who the Tories will be replacing him with, but my little birds are pointing to Friday as the selection date.

Of course, the best choice residents could make on May 7th is to vote for Jess and the Labour Party, who aren’t afraid to work hard for the ward.