Tory Mark Flewitt’s scaremongering is a disgrace to Southend politics

mark flewitt

Regular readers will have seen before my disagreements with Southend Tory councillor Mark Flewitt. They will know that I don’t rate him as a councillor, and have called him to task before for poor politicking, for ham-fisted attacks, and for general poor conduct.

This, today, is not that. This is something of another order, a different league.

A letter has come into my possession, written by Councillor Flewitt, to residents of sheltered accommodation in his ward of St Laurence. This letter makes claims that the council will not be undertaking any maintenance or repairs on their property, whilst a review of sheltered accommodation is undertaken.

Which would be a big concern for residents. Except it isn’t true.

From Cllr Flewitt’s letter:

The council are considering the latest Budget from the ruling groups…among the proposals is a full review of all the sheltered accommodation across the town. Of huge concern to me is the additional proposal that until the review is completed all expenditure is stopped…

The truth is that repairs will still be conducted. No major refurbishment works will be undertaken, but residents’ homes will still be maintained, kept in good repair, as is the council’s duty.

So why has Cllr Flewitt claimed otherwise?

This isn’t the first time that Flewitt has behaved in this manner. In the early days of the new administration, somebody leaked a discussion about the future of the tower blocks. Cllr Flewitt then twisted this, contacting residents and telling them that the council was going to demolish their homes.

Again, this was not true.

Cllr Flewitt, in his letter, says:

All of this is very unsettling for you and I apologise if you feel worried, but if I do not bring it to your attention I would be negligent in my duty as one of your councillors.

Quite apart form this, Cllr Flewitt is negligent in his duties. He is deliberately scaremongering, putting residents in fear for their homes to gain electoral and political benefit himself. He has a history of doing that, and he is a disgrace.

Cllr Flewitt is a senior member of the Conservative group on the council. He is a portfolio holder for them, a frontbencher, the equivalent of a member of the shadow cabinet in the Parliament.

His leader, John Lamb, should sack him for this scaremongering. But he won’t. Instead, Cllr Flewitt will stand up this evening and give a speech on the budget. He may even repeat his scaremongering lies on the floor of the chamber.

Councillor Mark Flewitt is a disgrace to himself. He is a disgrace to his party. And he is a disgrace to Southend.


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