Day: 27/02/2015

08 “Valediction” (Agent Carter season 1) [SPOILERS]

agent carter

For some reason, Agent Carter‘s first series is criminally short. Only eight episodes. I presume that’s some sort of precaution against it being awful and getting cancelled straight away.

Because, of course, that’s what Marvel products are known for.

But regardless, here we are at the final episode. I’ve enjoyed the previous seven episodes; giving the supporting cast of the first Captain America film room to run was a good decision on paper. On screen it has worked even better.

The story is well penned, setting an early-Cold War mood of suspicion and adding a Marvel twist, and giving its characters good story arcs to work with.

As with any series, though, all of that could be undone with a misstep at a critical juncture.

Why hello, critical juncture!

Read on…(and mind the spoilers!)

UKIP Southend candidate goes home early, misses council budget vote

Meet Floyd Waterworth 2

Apparently taking his cue from fellow UKIP councillor (Well, maybe — it’s all gone a bit People’s Front of Judea with Southend UKIP -Ed) Lawrence Davies, Floyd Waterworth disappeared at last night’s vote on the Southend Borough Council budget for 2015/16.

He was definitely there early on, sitting with an extremely glum look on his face whilst his group leader (Well, probably not -Ed) made a speech.

I guess staying and representing the people of Blenheim Park ward was too much to ask, for the man who wants to be the next MP for Rochford & Southend East…