Day: 02/03/2015

A “miserable budget” indeed, but better than the alternative

southend civic centre

On Thursday night I’m afraid I bored my soon-to-be wife for most of the night with the Southend Borough Council budget debate (You charmer! -Ed).

I haven’t been exactly silent on it, focusing previously on the problems with the amendments proposed by the Conservative group, and the bizarre behaviour of some of the UKIP group — one choosing to go on holiday rather than attend, and one leaving early and missing the vote.

What I’m going to give here is a brief overview of some of the highlights. The best bits, as it were. And, of course, the bad.

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Jay Woods for West Leigh

Jay Woods west leigh

Picking up my thread of candidate announcements, post-budget, I’m pleased to announce that the Labour candidate for West Leigh at the 2015 Southend local elections will be Jay Woods.

This is Jay’s first time standing for election, and it’s a pleasure to have him on the team. Jay lives in Leigh, and I know he is very keen to offer an alternative to the Conservatives’ complacency and lack of imagination or ideas. And if what my little birds tell me about the Conservative incumbent (Georgina Phillips, for those lacking an encyclopaedic knowlegde of Southend Borough Councillors -Ed) and her general lack of popularity with her colleagues, many in the Conservative group might well welcome Jay’s victory…

At any rate, I know that residents of West Leigh in choosing Jay on May 7th, would be choosing a bold, radical and optimistic future for the ward and for Southend.