Day: 09/03/2015

08 “Yesterday” (12 Monkeys season 1) [SPOILERS]

12 monkeys
12 Monkeys first season being thirteen episodes long (A good length for a series -Ed), with the eighth episode we are approaching the closing act. It has, on the whole, been a remarkably well-paced piece of work.

My concerns around the conversion of a feature film into a TV series have evaporated as far as the story to showtime ratio is concerned. They have stretched the story without treading on the core of the original story.

The choice to primarily do this through the future setting was a good one, I feel. It’s left untapped in Gilliam’s film, and the series has created a world as real, vibrant and tense as the story in the past. It has also made very good use of supporting characters, fleshing them out into a real and believable chorus.

Read on…(and mind the spoilers)

Lady Basildon graces Southend West

ian, angela and julian

Saturday night, Southend West was where the party was at. Specifically, a fundraiser to fill the coffers ahead of May. All those leaflets don’t pay for themselves, you know (They don’t deliver themselves, either -Ed), and for all the fuss around big donor money, all of the local party activities that I have seen are funded through the personal generosity.

Our members believe in the cause we fight for, and invest themselves in a Labour victory.

The guest of honour was Baroness Angela Smith of Basildon, the former Labour MP for Basildon. She was, as I did not know before hearing her speak, a one-time long-time Labour candidate in Westborough ward, and had brought along one of her 1980s Labour leaflets.

Her view from the House of Lords, of the Liberal Democrats’ willing duplicity in oppressive measures like the bedroom tax and withdrawing legal aid from victims of domestic violence — all the while clinging onto the fiction of being to be more progressive than, and to the left of, Labour.

Fetid nonsense, of course. There is only one party who can stop the Tories, and who can kick them out of office on May 8th. It isn’t the Liberal Democrats, the Greens or UKIP.

No, if you want to get rid of the Tories and the disastrous policies of the last five years, then on 7th May you need to cast your vote for Labour — for Julian Ware-Lane in Southend West, and in Rochford & Southend East for Ian Gilbert.