Day: 10/03/2015

Meet the Lib Dem candidate…for a ward which no longer exists

blenheim focus

The phrase “I don’t know where to start” is rather overused, but having sat here staring at the latest gift from my little birds, I really don’t.

The gift, of course, is the above leaflet from Southend Liberal Democrats, which announces in the traditional (But not necessarily the most helpful -Ed) way their candidate for Blenheim Park ward, Chairman of Leigh Town Council Richard Herbert.

So where do I start? With the glaring typo on the front page? (Word to the wise: “its” means “belonging to it”; “it’s” means “it is”. Southend Lib Dems should invest in a spellchecker. Or an understanding of the English Language. Or, preferably, both -Ed). Maybe I should pick at the fact that the same photo of Richard is used no less than four times in the space of two pages?

Or maybe I should start with the fact that they demonstrate that they actually don’t know where they are trying to campaign, by consistently getting the name of the ward wrong and citing a ward which hasn’t existed for fifteen years?

Yeah, that sounds like a good starting point.