Day: 11/03/2015

Kipperwatch! Southend UKIP leader James Moyies expelled by UKIP

reservoir ukip

The mutually-assured destruction of Southend UKIP’s civil war continues, with group leader James Moyies (who was already suspended) expelled by UKIP High Command from the party:

Since their suspension, the four remaining councillors (Moyies, Callaghan, Davies and Burling) have still been describing themselves as the UKIP group on the council, and at the last council meeting they stripped Floyd Waterworth of all committee positions.

No word on whether the other three councillors have been expelled, but if they haven’t then they are facing a choice of whether to bend the knee to Waterworth, or to follow their defeated leader into exile, perhaps with the Independent Party Group?


Pretty shoddy stuff from UKIP, if that’s true.

Can somebody get UKIP’s Southend West candidate a map?

brian otridge wrong constituency

Continuing my apparent series of blogs on local would-be politicians with slightly questionable geographic awareness, enter Brian Otridge.

Brian is the UKIP candidate for Southend West, and is hoping against all electoral likelihood to topple that tireless dodger of local journalists and champion against cake, David Amess.

Electoral mathematics aside, one thing Brian might like to do some when before May 7th is figure out exactly where it is he is standing for election.

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