Day: 25/03/2015

Cllr Liz Day to stand down in West Shoebury

The news that Liz Day is standing down from her council seat in West Shoebury a year before she is up for re-election isn’t exactly news, in the traditional sense. I’d wager that most of those connected to Southend politics in any informed or meaningful way have known that Liz has been battling illness for a while. For anyone who did not know, and who wondered why her absences from the council chamber were not being remarked upon, there you have your answer. Some things are not for politicking.

I have never met Liz Day, but if a politician is to be judged by their esteem in the eyes of their colleagues and constituents (Which they are -Ed), then West Shoebury residents have done well by her service over the years.

I send my best wishes to Liz and her family, as well as my thanks as a resident of Southend for her service.