Prittlewell Lib Dems focus on 2016, because they’ve given up on 2015

prittlewell focus spring 2015

Pictured above is the Lib Dem leaflet which has been creeping out across Prittlewell ward.

This was a Lib Dem stronghold at one point in the not too distant past, but like all of the other wards fitting that description (Except Leigh. So far -Ed), their support has dropped off a cliff.

Presently the ward boasts one remaining Liberal Democrat, an Independent, and a UKIP councillor. The Independent is, of course, Ric Morgan, who was a Lib Dem once himself. Now he’s a member of the Liberal Party, and sits in the council with the Independent Party Group. He’s standing down this year, so chances are fancied by the Tories, UKIP and the Lib Dems — as well as Labour’s own Tony Borton.

Like Julian Ware-Lane, I can’t see this seat going back to/staying with the yellow party, but if their leaflet is anything to go by, they’ve already given up on 2015 and are fighting 2016.

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Prittlewell on 7th May 2015 is Colin Davis. It’s not the most readily apparent thing in this leaflet though, being tucked away at the bottom of the back page.

The star of this particular leaflet is Mary Betson, the Liberal Democrat councillor who is up for re-election next year. And she must be nervous about it, for her to take over her candidate’s leaflet like this.

The content is duller than ditchwater, focusing on post offices, roundabouts and the legal technicalities of allotments. There’s nothing wrong with a focus on local issues, (And indeed the trio of councillors in Blenheim Park ward could do with focusing a bit more on what’s going on in their own back yard, rather than their own careers -Ed), but I don’t see a single argument here as to why anyone should vote for the Liberal Democrats. This year or next.

Which, you might say, the national theme of their campaign.

So, sorry Mr Davis. Once upon a time you might have been in with a shout in Prittlewell, but not this year. And even your party doesn’t have much faith in you.


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