Day: 06/04/2015

End of the Green surge? Southend Green Party crowdfunder fail

southend green party only fools

At the candidates’ and agents’ briefing for the local elections, at Southend Civic Centre the other week, the Green Party were very well represented. I’m not sure that they quite outnumbered the Conservatives, but they certainly came a close second.

They are definitely a more visible force this year than they have been previously, fielding 17 candidates next to the three they managed to muster last year. Their PPC for Rochford & Southend East (double-jobbing as their candidate for Kursaal ward) seemed a little put out when I pointed out that whilst there are 17 wards in Southend, 17 candidates does not a full slate make, when Liz Day’s resignation in West Shoebury means there are two seats up for grabs there.

What interests me, though, is less their slate of candidates than their attempts at funding the campaign.

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Labour and the Greens tied amongst young people? Not even close…

labour young people infographic

I created this infographic in response to a local Green candidate sharing a similar one claiming that the Greens and Labour neck and neck, with data from January. She insisted that the polls were still the same today.

Upon my demonstrating that they are, in fact, very different, she branded it “bullshit” and deleted my post. So I’m sharing it here, for the world to see. Because I’m not going to be censored or bullied into silence by a Green Party who find facts inconvenient.

If anyone wants to check the data, my source is cited in the infographic itself, and the raw data can be found here, on YouGov’s website. Enjoy.

Not Leigh Conservatives again!

leigh conservatives in touch spring 2015

Am I alone in detecting a sense of weary resignation in the headline “Bernard selected again…, as the Conservatives announce Bernard Arscott as their candidate for Leigh ward in May?

Of course, the leaflet needs to tell voters who the party’s candidate is (Even if, as with Prittlewell Lib Dems, they only do so as the merest afterthought -Ed), but I’m slightly amazed that they can’t muster even a little enthusiasm for their candidate.

And if they can’t, how are the voters supposed to?

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