Day: 14/04/2015

01 “The Wars to Come” (Game of Thrones season 5) [SPOILERS]

game of thrones season 5

Not to go all hipster on you, but it wasn’t that long ago that I could mention A Song of Ice and Fire, and would be still be greeted by a room of blank expressions. That is still, to a degree, true, but if I mention Game of Thrones almost everyone has a theory and opinion.

It’s not, no matter what anyone tells you, a bad thing. Game of Thrones has thoroughly earned its popularity, by being incredibly bold for a mainstream TV show. It has kicked (…and stabbed. And shagged -Ed) its way into common cultural awareness.

My praise for it isn’t unfettered. I think that season three, for instance, dropped the ball on the story, turning into a plodding, dull lead up to the Red Wedding. If nothing else, Game of Thrones needs an urgent direction to its story, rather thank just to kill time.

Read on…(and mind the spoilers!)

13 “Arms of Mine” (12 Monkeys season 1) [SPOILERS]

12 monkeys

So there we go. Thirteen episodes of 12 Monkeys been and gone. A whole new SF series, passing its infancy by in — what feels like — the blink of an eye.

When this started, readers will recall that I was rather sceptical of whether adapting one of the best time-travel themed films…well, ever, a) could be done, and b) was a good idea. I freely admit that I was wrong.

What we’ve ended up with is a darkly innovative series, confident in its bizarre but entertaining twists. I have been gripped since the start, and am a definite aconvert. And thankfully, it has already been renewed for a second series.

So will it end on a high note, or a bum note?

Read on…(and mind the spoilers!)