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I don’t think it would be considered election-time fluff for me to make the claim that in Blenheim Park ward, only myself and James Courtenay are actually making a proper effort at campaigning. Lib Dem, UKIP and Green; candidates from each are standing in the ward. But aside from some generally unimpressive literature, nobody I’ve spoken to in the ward has heard from yellow, green or purple.

So with three weeks left to go, it‘s fairly apparent who is actually working for Blenheim Park.

James’ latest leaflet is going out now — see above, and he kindly donated a copy to me for the purposes of this blog (A word to the wise: my little birds will bring me copies of leaflets. At least the donated ones are in good nick -Ed)

The money that the Conservatives have to plough into the election campaign is obvious from the paper quality, if not necessarily from the content.

Julian Ware-Lane has already pointed out that with issue 8 of Blenheim Park OutOfTouch InTouch, two newsletters a year does not regular contact make. And there’s the ongoing lack of his pledged e-newsletter, when raised with James, evoked a — jocular — response of “Shut up!”. So I presume it’s probably not forthcoming.

I am, I have to say, a little disappointed that even James Courtenay cannot manage to follow the rules; as his colleagues in Chalkwell and Milton have done, he uses his council email address on the front of the leaflet despite specific instructions from the council’s electoral services head honcho not to do exactly that. I don’t know why they’re so bad at this. On a personal level, I like James, but quite why he would think the rules don’t apply to him, I cannot fathom.

I also notice the absence of anything about the big national elections which are being held at the same time as the local elections (You might have heard about them? -Ed). So where’s David Amess? Does the Conservative candidate for Southend West not get a mention?

Perhaps that’s understandable. I’ve met very few enthusiastic Conservatives in Blenheim Park, so either they are very shy about their politics, or five years of disastrous Tory-led government (Not to mention a manifesto full of even worse policies -Ed) have convinced residents that the Tories will only make their lives more difficult.

We’ll find out on May 7th.

Oh, and that picture in the top left of the front page of the leaflet? It looks awfully familiar…

Southend Tories we don't have a clue small

(Sorry James! -Ed)

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  1. Did you miss the THREE pictures of me with Sir David Amess on the front page?

    Given I’m a local councillor and actually have something to say about what I’ve done for Blenheim Park I thought I’d dedicate the whole newsletter to it. Maybe my main election address will have some more…. who knows! To be fair I suppose you didn’t know that it was delivered to everyone at the same time as an Amess leaflet… but surely your little birds (birdies? – Ed) would have told you that!

    And if you think I’m going to produce a monthly newsletter just for Julian Ware-Lane to read you’ve got another thing coming!! People are clearly happy reading my blog, talking via email/telephone or face to face in my surgery – fair enough.

    I do enjoy the Labour Party’s critique of my leaflets, particularly when they can find nothing wrong with them, except the fact I get a better deal from my printers than they do! 🙂 I think the residents of Blenheim deserve 3.4p to be spent on them.


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