LISTEN: The Milton ward local election hustings 16/04/2015


  1. well done Matt for providing this very helpful service. Not sure if you have done much about it but the sound quality was variable and no doubt related to how well individual candidates projected their voice. Would you consider doing a similar service for the R&SE hustings on Wednesday?


    1. That is the intention, John, depending on the agreement of the chair and the candidates. To be honest, I half expect Messers Duddridge or Waterworth to object, given their apparent allergy to scrutiny.

      As far as the sound quality, it’s much better than I had feared it would be. I haven’t had a play with it at all yet, as I’m a complete novice when it comes to audio editing (I won’t tell you how embarrassingly long it took me to cut off the chatter before and after the actual hustings).


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