Are the Rochford & Southend East Tory coffers running empty?

duddridge begging letter small

I’ve said before that I get interesting things turning up in my inbox. Especially so as we get closer to the election. An email from James Duddridge MP, begging for cash, for instance.

My little birds are a varied bunch politically (No, really. I receive tip-offs from supporters of all parties and none -Ed), but this actually came from a Labour supporter. Which begs the question of quite how he’s choosing which people to send to. Is he desperate?

Is Rochford & Southend East Conservative Association that broke, that in the heat of the short campaign they are indiscriminately soliciting donations?

A few additional points occur, when looking over this whole package. Firstly, Mr Duddridge needs a grammar lesson.

Keep the Ed’s out of Downing Street

Keep the Ed’s…what, out of Downing Street? An apostrophe denotes a contraction — such as don’t or won’t — or a possessive. It does not indicate a plural. So this line is meaningless. That’s not the only basic error in English in these leaflets, but it’s the one in big, red, capital letters.

Secondly, the email to which this was attached included this line:

It is election time again and I am looking to fund my campaign. I need to raise £15,000 for all the leaflets, posters and other campaigning materials.

£15,000 is a lot of money. A lot of money. Neither of the Labour parliamentary campaigns will be looking to spend anything like that, and that’s not out of any great sense of penny pinching. And what’s more, there’s a spending limit on parliamentary campaigns.

In Rochford & Southend East, that spending limit is £15,034.47. So James is sending round begging letters in the last few weeks of the campaign asking for 99.8% of his campaign spending. Odd, no? It seems a little hard to believe that former banker James Duddridge is short of cash. Maybe he’s blown it all on this monstrosity:

duddridge-mobile blog

I do like the bit where he touts that he doesn’t “have unions to bankroll his election campaign, but instead relies on “hardworking people like you. I am a hardworking people. I am also a member of a trade union. The two are a long, long way from exclusive.

I’d like to ask James about this, but sadly he blocked me after I asked him about the £11,000 of my money that he pissed away on hotels, because he didn’t want to catch the same train to London and back that I and thousands of other Southenders. They’re hardworking peoples too.

Thing is, these hardworking people whose money James Duddridge wants, to keep him in ministerial cars and taxpayer funded hotels and whatever else — their wages have fallen by £1,600. Maybe we should write letters to Duddridge, asking for it back?

Just a thought.


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