Month: April 2015

Reverse ferret! Unpicking Green excuses for THAT copyright policy

green burning copyright

So my views on the Green Party’s policies on copyright seem to have caused a stir.

Reading the various defences and responses put forwards by Green supporters to justify the confiscation of artists’ rights to their creations limiting of copyright to 14 years, I am struck by the fact that the hostile response to this policy really seems to have taken them aback. There’s a sense of shock that the very people who are outraged (And, in my view, rightfully so -Ed) at the suggestions are the very people who they regarded as “theirs”.

It is, I suspect, political growing pains, similar to the let Natalie in the debates when the initial TV debates plan excluded them, became “don’t let Natalie in the debates after that LBC interview.

So, given that hosts of readers are sure I’m wrong but can’t decide amongst themselves why, I figured I’d give a rundown of the various responses.

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LISTEN: Rochford & Southend East parliamentary hustings 22/04/15

(Note: This is an ambient recording, and as such won’t always be fantastic. Luckily, Bell Vue made their own recording of the microphone feed. So if there’s bits of this which are inaudible, try listening to theirs.)

Here’s why no one in the creative industries should vote Green

burning copyright

Having not read the minor parties’ manifestos cover-to-cover (Take a look at the Lib Dems’, and tell me it seems like a good use of time -Ed), I missed this particular policy until it was pointed out on my Facebook feed last night.

Quoted directly from the section of the Green Party website on intellectual property:

EC1011 On cultural products (literature, music, film, paintings etc), our general policy is to expand the area of cultural activity, that is ways that culture can be consumed, produced, and shared, reduce the role of the market and encourage smaller and more local cultural enterprise (see CMS200 onwards). Specifically we will:

b. introduce generally shorter copyright terms, with a usual maximum of 14 years;

Now this really is radical policy. And not in a good way. By any objective analysis this is completely bonkers, and will likely destroy the creative industries in Britain — and here’s why.

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Have the Southend Independents given up the “not a party” farce?

independent party leaflet small

What’s all this then, Ron?

Because it looks, to me, like a leaflet. Like a branded leaflet, going out across Southend.

There’s an election coming (You may have heard- Ed) so in many ways this isn’t surprising. But what I am surprised at (No you’re not -Ed) that the group which has repeatedly insisted that it isn’t a party has produced this. A unified leaflet, for all of the Independent Party Group candidates across the damn borough.

Now, call me out if you like, but that sounds to me like the trait of a party.

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02 “The House of Black and White” (Game of Thrones season 5) [SPOILERS]

game of thrones season 5

It’s amazing what a phenomenon Game of Thrones has become. Even in our fad-ish world of viral whatevers, it really does seem to have taken over.

Especially amazing given that it’s a fantasy series about dragons and knights, packed to the rafters with sex and violence.

Actually, these days it’s more violence than sex. I like to think that the story has gotten so interesting and labyrinthine that even “sexposition” can’t untangle it. I shudder to think how impenetrable this would be to anyone coming in cold to the fifth season.

You know what, though? Good.

You wouldn’t come into a book at chapter seventeen and start complaining that you can’t immediately pick up the plot threads, so it’s a mystery quite why for years that same arguemnt was used to stop TV shows from having extended story arcs.

(Yeah, we may have stumbled on a bugbear that needs a whole blog post of its own, here. How about we just get on with the review? -Ed)

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19 “Beasts of Prey” (Gotham season 1) [SPOILERS]


Does anyone actually know why Gotham decided to take a month-long pause, with four episodes to go?

I’m being serious. This first series of Gotham seems to have gone on for bloody ever, and whilst I’ve enjoyed it (So that’s not particularly a complained -Ed), it started back in September 2014, meaning it’s gone on for nearly eight months already.

I’ve already mentioned that I think 24-episode seasons are a relic of a bygone era of TV, and that actually shorter, more intense bursts of around 13 episodes fit much better with how people watch shows nowadays, but Gotham didn’t need to go an emphasise that by putting in break after break in the broadcast schedule.

But it’s back now, for the tail end of season one. So if you can still remember anything that happened in the last epiosde, then come with me and explore “Beasts of Prey”.

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