Day: 04/05/2015

Reds under the beds (according to Westborough Conservatives)

Westborough In Touch small

Usually for election literature this bad, you have to head over to the Conservatives in St Laurence ward. But apparently their cousins in Westborough have been drinking the same Kool-Aid as Mark Flewitt’s band of merry men.

There is, of course, the ever-present possibility that Conservative candidate for Westborough, Daryl Peagram, is a refugee of some alternate universe where the cold war is still going strong. Because the language used in this leaflet (Where actually comprehensible -Ed) comes straight from some McCarthyist dystopia.

The content of this leaflet verges on the ridiculous at times, but so far as I can tell it wasn’t a joke. The Conservative Westborough team happily handed one over when our paths crossed yesterday afternoon, so presumably they are proud of it.

If so, I worry for the Tory quality control.

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Letter to the Editor: Cllr Chalk should apologise for debate farce


I was entirely unsurprised to hear from attendees that the Shoeburyness ward local election debate organised by Cllr Anne Chalk was a stage-managed farce. Those readers with long memories may recall that at the one she organised last year I was supposed to be representing the Labour Party, until she cut me out last minute and tried to claim Labour had not turned up.

This time Cllr Chalk managed surpass herself, employing one of her friends and allies as a thoroughly biased chair. Almost all of the questions were offered to Cllr Chalk, who, apparently was best placed to answer as sitting councillor. Aside from the bias this shows to the incumbent, I have seen no other debate where questions were not answered by all candidates at the debate, in favour of one obviously preferred contender.

The result was the Conservative candidate Roger Hadley being asked a lot of questions about how awful his party is, and Labour’s Maggie Kelly being cut out of the debate almost entirely. The Green and Liberal Democrat candidates did not make an appearance. It says something that Cllr Chalk is so worried about being found wanting, that she has to stack the deck against her opponents.

I think Cllr Chalk should apologise for this abuse of democracy, and assure us that it will not be repeated.

Matt Dent

Avenue Road, Westcliff-on-Sea

Sir David Amess MP, man of the people?

amess carriage
For anyone who missed this story, Southend West’s Tory MP decided last week that it would be a good idea to ride around Westcliff in a horse-drawn carriage driven by men in top hats, with Anne Widdecombe in tow, shouting at residents through a megaphone. For reasons unknown.

Meanwhile, 1 million people in the UK are using food banks.