Reds under the beds (according to Westborough Conservatives)

Westborough In Touch small

Usually for election literature this bad, you have to head over to the Conservatives in St Laurence ward. But apparently their cousins in Westborough have been drinking the same Kool-Aid as Mark Flewitt’s band of merry men.

There is, of course, the ever-present possibility that Conservative candidate for Westborough, Daryl Peagram, is a refugee of some alternate universe where the cold war is still going strong. Because the language used in this leaflet (Where actually comprehensible -Ed) comes straight from some McCarthyist dystopia.

The content of this leaflet verges on the ridiculous at times, but so far as I can tell it wasn’t a joke. The Conservative Westborough team happily handed one over when our paths crossed yesterday afternoon, so presumably they are proud of it.

If so, I worry for the Tory quality control.

Where to start then? Well the “What about the kids?” title is a little…hysterical.

But that’s veritably reasonable in comparison to what follows.

The section with Mr Peagram recounting the actions of the council must be referring to another council, because they bear no resemblance to anything the joint administration has done. Also, if you’re going to say that the town has rotted under a year of non-Tory rule, it might sell better if your own party hadn’t left the town to stagnation for 14 years. Just a thought.

But anyway, the fanciful claims. It is, I think, hard to scrap a fly tipping inspector which we never had. And how exactly do you nationalise a high street?! Or people’s roofs for that matter. And converting retirement homes is going to make for some bloody tiny council estates… And whilst we’re worrying about the children, the joint administration has improved the standard of schools since taking over from the previous Conservative administration.

It gets even more daft when we get onto the reverse. Everyone who isn’t a Tory is a socialist, somehow. For clarity: there is only one socialist party on the ballot paper, the Labour Party. It gets even more comical when in his personal statement he describes himself as “the son of an NHS union shop steward”. Presumably chasing the votes of, err, those dastardly commie voters.

He also manages to utterly mislead on the Labour candidate’s record, incorrectly branding him a “spin-doctor for pharmaceuticals”, and claiming that he came fourth in Westborough last year. For those with short memories, Charles didn’t stand in Westborough in 2014, and Labour’s Kevin Robinson topped the results.

Now, this sort of nonsense should be funny. It shows a startling lack of awareness of what is going on in Westborough and in Southend, and a distressing lack of respect for the facts. You expect political literature to massage the facts, but these are outright lies. There are more I can detail, but I don’t like these blogs to become extended rants (Cough -Ed). Sufficed to say that there are many, and I don’t for a moment think that the residents of Westborough will be fooled.

Perhaps Daryl is just passing through, and will soon return to his Soviet-dominated dystopia. Or perhaps he will stick around. Either way, he is unlikely to do so as councillor for Westborough.


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