Sir David Amess MP, man of the people?

amess carriage
For anyone who missed this story, Southend West’s Tory MP decided last week that it would be a good idea to ride around Westcliff in a horse-drawn carriage driven by men in top hats, with Anne Widdecombe in tow, shouting at residents through a megaphone. For reasons unknown.

Meanwhile, 1 million people in the UK are using food banks.


  1. interesting take! Of course you know the exact comment was let them eat brioche and not cake. This has been lost in translation and also brioche was a staple which helped them get them what they needed so it wasnt as heartless as first appeared (i only discovered this recently) and also if we were being picky it is not 1 million people using foodbanks it is one million visits which as a person of 4 counts as 4 visits and each person can visit up to 6 times is different to a million people. But that is just me wishing for accuracy!


    1. Yes and it was alledgedly a reference to a policy the French had for a while about once the cheapest bread was sold out the next cheapest bread should be sold at the price of the cheapest. Although I believe this policy predated Antoinette anyway.


  2. Agree with Southendfox, lets have some accuracy; the 1 million figure does not relate to the number using foodbanks.


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